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Shape the perfection of wellness.

Rosapetra considers massage, always carried out with essential oils by highly trained staff, as a normal, complementary practice to all kinds of activities, a powerful ingredient of stimulus and of relationship with tissues, essential to the awakening of the body and senses.

Rosapetra’s pride lies in Hatma Massage, a treatment that our Resort exclusively offers thanks to the special equipment we provide in the “Hatma Space”: a patented location that allows us to carry out real three-dimensional massages on the person, which is impossible to achieve with other traditional systems. A profound, unique wellness experience, enhanced by specific massages and precious applications, capable of leading the mind, senses and body towards dreaming and waking experiences, rest and balance.

Each guest can therefore freely choose between slow and enveloping or intense and dynamic massages, pervading relaxation or individual paths and treatments of the highest efficacy, designed to meet all our profound needs with science and solid competence.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    The scents of nature have an evocative power, awakening memories and emotions. Indulge in an enjoyable massage with natural essential oils of your choice and discover the benefit of warm compresses.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Spicy Sensations Massage

    Soothing and enveloping aroma of Brazilian Pepper to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, promoting the awakening of the senses. Harmonious body and mind perception.
    Total body massage – 30 min.

  • Hatma Essence Massage

    Image yourself floating, lying back in hot oil, in the expert hands supporting you, allowing you to float. From the joints, now free and light, all tension and pain disappears; the muscles relax, entering a state of harmony; a fine flow is activated, while the body changes, so does the mind.
    Total body massage (including head) + hot cloth application 50 min.

  • Cardinal Points Massage

    Every part of our body has an energetic core that powers the harmony of our identity: an enveloping de-stress massage, a decongestant technique of compression and decompression on the joints, discovering the centre at each end of the body.
    Face, scalp and foot massage – 45 min.
    With steam bath – 70 min.

  • 4-Hands Massage

    Synchronous massage by two therapists: double stimulation, double physical and mental relaxation. The simultaneity and synchronisation of the massage amplifies the perception of the full body awareness, increasing the sense of energy and lightness.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Cellusel Message

    Deep tissue and total body anti-cellulite: indirect massage, reflected and localised to stimulate the panniculus compressed by cellulite, infusing new vitality to tissues and shaping your body.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Tonic Massage

    Dual action massage: firming and energising, to awaken vital energy, infusing firmness and vigour to tissues following a diet, breastfeeding and changes in weight, maintaining the tone of your new shape for longer.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Body Balance Multi-Method Massage

    Draining, relaxing, tension-relieving, de-stress, personalised massage to meet every need: empathy, knowledge, ability, a powerful synthesis of techniques expressed in a single, efficient and powerful massage for total wellness.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Hatma Serenity

    Holistic face, scalp and head massage: a localised, focused action to quieten thoughts, radiating balance to the body, mind and soul.
    Localised massage – 30 min.

  • Decongestant Massage

    Muscle and joint tension-relieving massages, that rebalance the posture, bringing the body back to a state of flexibility and dynamism, re-harmonising all psychophysical imbalances caused by congestion and stiffness.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Myofascial Massage

    Frees the muscle fascia by decongesting the tissues. Relieves stiffness by improving posture. The therapist uses specific delicate, deep massages by stretching the fascia, performed using the forearms for an intense, enveloping sensation.
    Total body massage – 50 min.

  • Aquatouch Massage

    The enveloping tank in which the energy of the massage is absorbed and the warm embrace of the water mixed with salt and precious oils: a beneficial wave that brings peace to the mind, body and soul.
    Preparation brushing + peeling + in-tank total body massage – 60 min.

  • REPROGRAMLIFT4 Face Massage

    Reactivates circulation and reoxygenates tissues, restoring elasticity and firmness to a tired face. Relaxing unblocking massage with a plumping and lifting effect, stimulating facial muscles and re-harmonising the face.
    Face massage – 20 min.
    Face massage + specific mask application – 30 min.

  • Face Drenaton Massage

    Soft drainage massage to eliminate swellings caused by fluid retention that weigh down features. Relaxed and toned face.
    Face massage – 20 min.
    Face massage + specific mask application – 30 min.

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